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Welcome to my life's work. My children are fond of saying, "Daddy's not a real doctor; he's a story doctor." While it's true you don't want me performing emergency surgery on you, I earned a PhD in English (in awesome 2020) with a focus on narrative medicine and writing as a healing practice. This direction emerged as a result of nearly 20 years of teaching writing of all kinds to humans ranging in age from 5 to 90. It is also the result of having survived some trauma . . . but, honestly, this describes most people--everyone has a story. My mission is to help you write it.

My "other self" is Dr. Matt the musician. I began with mandolin at age 12 and have devoted a great deal of my life and spirit growing musically ever since. Perhaps the most significant development is my current work with sound baths, ambient looping guitar, and sound healing. I now regularly facilitate both public and private sound work, experiences which seem to be deeply connecting for all involved.

Check out my services in the menu above for writing, sound, and mind body medicine work. I enjoy tailoring offerings to meet people's needs.

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