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What I'm About...

As I type this, I wonder about that heading and what it means to "be about something." It was an auto suggestion. But, now that I think about it, I could definitely say that I'm about stories. My kids like to tell people that "daddy's not a real doctor; he's a story doctor." I love this designation. Assignment. I don't heal anyone. I do practice creating spaces where, when things click, people can find meaning and peace. And art. Sometimes even relief. Definitely community.


Same goal goes for music. Singing bowls. Gongs. Chimes. Ambient looping guitar. Ambient Mandolin (it's true, this exists). Put together, it's a sound vibration experience. Almost like a massage. Or,  a bath.  

I'm still not content with this introduction. Which irks me. So, I'll keep revising and writing and playing and trying to get others into the sand box with me.

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