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Sound bowls, gongs, chimes, and other vibrational instruments have been used as healing and spiritual tools for centuries. Ancient Tibetan monks even believed they were a vehicle for dimensional travel. Now, western medicine has researched the healing power they provide, and singing bowl therapies can be found in hospitals and recovery centers. Put simply, therapeutic sound affects brain waves resulting in relaxation, stress relief, and, for many, a spiritually grounding experience. 


My work has included sound baths in elementary schools, business settings, wellness centers, and in clients' homes. What I do is quite unique as well in that my sound baths are a combination of traditional sound healing instruments and amplified ambient looping guitar (sometimes called "sound scapes"). Essentially, I create a musical journey that is improvisation, relaxation, meditation (really depends on what you need). I also play ambient music for events (private parties, weddings, ceremonies). Please reach out with any questions or ideas!


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